Friday, February 1, 2008

Canisianum Scholarship

Give kids in Namibia a shot at a quality education -- help create the Canisianum Scholarship Endowment.

Canisianum RCHS in Northern Namibia is an excellent school, but unfortunately most families cannot afford the modest fees of US$100 a year. You can give more kids in Namibia access to a quality education by donating to the Canisianum Scholarship Endowment.

Why Canisianum?
Most schools in Namibia are struggling. Some lack resources, and many are staffed by unmotivated, substandard teachers. The passing rate for the grade 10 exams is less than 50%. Canisianum RCHS, where I have worked as a volunteer teacher, is different. The school, which is supported by both the government and the Catholic church, has adequate resources. It has an excellent teaching staff, comprised of motivated Namibians, volunteers, and nuns. As a result, Canisianum 's passing rate on the grade 10 exams was 98%, and the school was ranked 7th nationwide. For students living in the Ombalantu region, Canisianum is their best chance to get a quality education.

What Will Happen to Your Money?
The goal of this campaign is to raise enough money so that an endowment can be created to fund students at Canisianum in perpetuity. You will not be raising this money alone; Canisianum plans to raise funds in Namibia as well. Once the money has been raised, it will be invested through the charity wing of one of Namibia's largest and most reputable banks, Nedbank. A scholarship selection committee will be created at the school which will include the principal, teachers, and members of the community. This committee will select applicants based on financial need and academic merit. Students who are selected will be fully funded at the school from grade 8 through 12, provided their school work remains satisfactory. The fundraising goal set here should be enough to fund five students every year for the forseeable future.

Please think about donating now to help us give girls like those in the picture a quality education. Donate at whatever level is comfortable for you. Think about a $100 donation, which pays for an entire year of school for a poor child. All donations are tax-deductible! Please help us out today!

There are two ways you can donate. The quick & easy way to donate is on the internet. You can check out the fundraising page for this scholarship at Click on the link or copy it to your browser. The only downside to this site is that they take 7.5% of your donation as their fee, which is kind of high.

If you want every cent to help out these kids, you can send a check to WorldTeach, the NGO through whom I am working in Namibia. They will process everything. Just write "Canisianum Scholarship" in the memo line, and mail your check to:
c/o Center for International Development
Harvard University, Box 122
79 John F. Kennedy Street
Cambridge MA 02138 USA
Attn: Alix

If you have any questions about this scholarship endowment or Canisianum RCHS, please write me at Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider how you can help more kids in Namibia get a quality education.

Josh Kaufmann


Heimo said...
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Heimo said...

Thank you Mr. K, i`m very proud of what you are doing for the Canisianum kids. Omake!!!!

Mennas M Aitana said...

Canisianum teachers are engineers of knowledge. Canisianum is home to academic excellence.Omake!

May this program be a successful one!May the world invest in the future of the African children.